Great NY gifts and souvenirs can be found at the many local bars, restaurants and other establishments in New York.  What are these great New York gifts? Tshirts. Yes, a genuine NY Tshirts from a New York establishment that has their name and logo are great New York Gifts.  Finding these great New York t-shirts was previously a matter of luck.  Whereby you went to a bar or restaurant and happened to notice that they sold a t-shirt to your liking.  Sure the standard “I Love NY tshirt” is nice but it is ubiquitous.  You can search New York t-shirts by establishment type (Bar, Restaurant, Food Shop etc.)  location (Uptown, Midtown, Downtown) and favorites.

  • Smith's Bar

    Smith's Bar
  • P J Clarkes

    P J Clarkes
  • McGee's Pub Restaurant

    McGee's Pub Restaurant
  • Pig 'N' Whistle Times Square

    Pig 'N' Whistle Times Square
  • Pete's Tavern

    Pete's Tavern
  • O'Lunney's Irish Pub1

    O'Lunney's Irish Pub1
  • Langan's

  • Pig 'N' Whistle

    Pig 'N' Whistle
  • Raccoon Lodge

    Raccoon Lodge
  • Babycakes NYC

    Babycakes NYC
  • Big Booty Bread Company

    Big Booty Bread Company
  • Pig n Whistle-3rd Avenue

    Pig n Whistle-3rd Avenue
  • Brad's

  • JoeDoe Restaurant

    JoeDoe Restaurant
  • Ruthys Bakery & Cafe

    Ruthys Bakery & Cafe
  • PJ Moran's

    PJ Moran's
  • Murray's Cheese Shop

    Murray's Cheese Shop
  • Dumpling Man

    Dumpling Man
  • PHEBES Tavern & Grill

    PHEBES Tavern & Grill
  • Billy's Bakery

    Billy's Bakery
  • Jake's Dilemma

    Jake's Dilemma

When buying New York gifts and souvenirs you should explore the New York tshirt guide to find a place that has a tshirt from NY City to your liking.  You may want to go to Smith’s Bar to buy a NY tshirt for a friend named Smith or check out Dempsey’s Pub tshirts.   You get the picture so check out some NY Gifts for those back home or yourself.

Then there is the classic bar route, the Raccoon Lodge has some great tshirts (think Honeymooners) or McSorley’s Old Ale House (oldest bar in New York).  Another great bar with celebrity appeal is McGee’s Pub the inspiration for the New York bar on How I Met Your Mother.  They have a nice selection of tshirts that make a great NY gift.
So, give yourself or someone special to you the gift of a real New York t-shirt. NY tshirts are gifts and souvenirs and personal purchases that don’t disappoint.